Our first PlexiCam accessory - this is paired with the PlexiCam® Mini, Pro or Pro+ and was originally built for Logitech Brio owners. But since then, clients have reported that it's a great for the Logitech StreamCam as well, for the same reason - the need to detach the "monitor grip" to expose the 1/4" mounting screw on the bottom.


The overwhelming camera of choice for PlexiCam® clients is the Logitech Brio. The Brio's unique flush camera mount makes it difficult to tilt the angle of the camera when you remove the bottom attachment that Logitech provides to expose the camera mount hidden underneath. That design has carried over into the StreamCam as well.


But fear not!


We've created a brand new shelf mount that elegantly solves this problem, and keeps all the features you love about PlexiCam®. Transparent, lightweight, sleek, unobtrusive, simple.


Call it a stroke of genius, a bolt of lightening, a little extra lingering under the acrylic bending wizards... if you love these cameras, you're going to love the flexibility this provides!


Meet the new PlexiCam® Wave Shelf! It makes it possible to tilt your Brio or StreamCam with up to 220 degrees of vertical freedom.


The PlexiCam Wave Shelf comes with a friction collar to use to attach to your PlexiCam® Hanger (including the PlexiCam® Mini, PlexiCam® Pro or PlexiCam® Pro+), as well as a stainless steel thumb screw to mount your camera to the shelf.


And as part of the PlexiCam® Wave Kit, you also get an angled USB-C to USB-C adaptor, so you can safely turn the Brio cable (a notoriously inflexible cable, with extra long, rigid attachment end) 90 degrees out of the way.

For the StreamCam, the cable is permanently attached to the back, so no need to use the USB-C adaptor, but we'll include it for you anyway.


Note: Web camera(s) and laptop/desktop are not included.

And you need to also have a PlexiCam® Mini, PlexiCam® Pro or PlexiCam® Pro+ to mount the PlexiCam® Wave Shelf Kit to.

PlexiCam® Wave Shelf Kit - Ideal for BRIO and StreamCam

SKU: 007
  • The shelf is 2" x 4".  A stainless steel thumb screw is included for use in mounting webcams with a standard UNC 20 .25" threaded mount. For webcams with a USB-C output (like the Logitech Brio specifically), a right-angle USB C connector is also included to allow the webcam cable to be redirected to the right or left of the webcam to allow for a full range of motion for the webcam. 

  • If you are dissatisfied with your PlexiCam® just return it within 14 days of purchase and we will issue a full refund. While you will have to pay for shipping we want you to be fully satisfied.

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