Enterprise & Bulk Sales

PlexiCam is the ideal solution for organizations that need to make an impact with online video


Boost your sales force with PlexiCam and providing your sales team with the ultimate tool for impactful video presentations and client video interactions. Streamline your sales process and elevate your success with PlexiCam today!

Education & Training

Unlock limitless learning possibilities with PlexiCam's innovative solutions for educational and corporate training environments. Transform dull virtual classrooms into interactive experiences, revolutionize remote learning, and enhance engagement. Embrace the future of virtual education with PlexiCam today!
Coaching & Counseling

Elevate your coaching and counseling sessions with PlexiCam. Experience the power of creating a more human connection with your clients, empower impactful interactions, and transform the way you connect with your clients. Upgrade your practice with PlexiCam today!
Presenting, Podcasting, & Keynoting

Unleash your voice and captivate your audience with PlexiCam.  Create an extraordinary connection with your, enhance your impact, and leave an enduring impression. Elevate your performance with PlexiCam today!
Lawyers & Expert Witnesses

Stand out in a virtual courtroom with PlexiCam. Present your case with confidence using PlexiCam's video technology, ensuring clear and impactful communication. Elevate your legal practice with PlexiCam Legal and make a lasting impression.
Customer or Attendee Gifts with Your Branding

Make a lasting impression with personalized PlexiCam gifts. Delight your customers or event attendees with a unique and practical gift that showcases your brand. Elevate your promotional efforts with branded PlexiCam devices and leave a lasting impact.

Bulk Discounts

We offer attractive tiered discounts on all of our PlexiCam models. Tell us a bit about your organization and how you'd like to use Plexicam and let's talk about how we can help. We pride ourselves on building solutions that work for our client's needs, and that includes customized training on how to best engage over online video. 

Want your company logo on PlexiCam?

Our dedicated manufacturing can imprint PlexiCam with your company's logo to your exact specifications. Use a private branded PlexiCam inhouse or as a gift to customers, event attendees, or VIPs at corporate events.

Let us build a customized solution for your organization.

Since we manufacture PlexiCam we can create customized solutions for your environment. We've built specialized solutions for conferencing, training, sales, broadcasting, and many other applications. We also provide customized training programs for your staff to make sure they get the most out of PlexiCam and create the best possible online video experience.

Qualified enterprise clients get a dedicated account support specialist

We're serious about support and service. As an enterprise buyer* you will also recieve dedicated support from an account specialist who can help with every aspect of your PlexiCam purchase, deployment, and ongoing support. 

*Min order quantities apply

Tell us a bit more about how you'd like to use PlexiCam and how we can help:

Our personalized approach focuses on meeting client's needs with dedicated support throughout your PlexiCam journey. 

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What Else is Included? 

As an enterprise or bulk buyer you can also configure your PlexiCam solution with two of the best webcams on the market, the Logitech Brio or the Insta360 Link AI-powered Ultra HD 4K, provide you with customized training and support, and create custom versions of PlexiCam for your particular needs.

Add one of our preferred webcams which provide the best quality and value

With so many webcams to choose from it can be nearly impossible to figure out which is best. We've tried and test hundreds of cameras to find the ones that provide the best quality and value. We can bundle either the Logitech Brio 4K or the Insta360 Ultra 4K with your enterprise license. 

Add custom training and support

Although PlexiCam takes minutes to set up and get accustomed to, online video can get tricky if you're not accustomed to doing it the right way. Our training and support provides you with experts in the field who will help you get the most out of your PlexiCam. And, in case you're wondering, yes, our trainers and support team do use PlexiCam! 

Create your own version of PlexiCam

Every now and then we have a client who wants to customize PlexiCam. For example, one customer wanted a PlexiCam with a 20" hanger for 65" monitors in a conference room. Another wanted a PlexiCam that could be used for by people who were bed-bound and need a PlexiCam that would attach to a monitor suspended over their bed. Whatever your situation our dedicated manufacturing can build a solution for you. 

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