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“ ...because my cameras are on PlexiCam I’m able to look down the lens and see stuff on the screen. It’s a brilliant idea, just a brilliant idea.”

- Mark Bowden - Virtual Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author,

"I need to look in customers' eyes and occasionally need a TelePrompter when using Zoom. PlexiCam meets BOTH those needs. PLUS they give top-notch customer service."

- Vicki Hitzges, Keynote Speaker

“I love using my Plexicam! It gives me the ability to connect with people more. That's what it is all about. PlexiCam makes that all-important 'eye contact' ”

- Terry Brock, Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame

"PlexiCam lets you see right through it to what's on your screen. And the adjustable height tray allows the camera to be placed at eye level. I thoroughly recommend it. Their customer service is great too."

- Sonia Araujo, Director, Product Management (Real World Solutions), IQVIA