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PlexiCam FAQs

What is your Money Back Guarantee / Return Policy?

If you are dissatisfied with your PlexiCam™ just return it within 30 days of purchase and we will issue a full refund on the products that you purchased.

While you will have to pay for shipping, we want you to be fully satisfied.

Please note: Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, all shipping and handling costs may be deducted from your refund.

Please contact support at plexicam dot com or use our chat system to start your refund.

What is your Warranty?

Our return/refund policy is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Our warranty policy for all purchases is a 90 Day Replacement Guarantee for any defective parts or accessories.

We also offer a 1-Year Protection and Upgrade Plan, if you are interested in extending your coverage.

Are Duties/Taxes Pre-paid for International shipments?

If you chose "Economy International" or any other class of shipping to destinations outside of the United States, please keep in mind that if your country charges duties or tariffs on imported goods you will need to pay them on receipt.

Does PlexiCam really work with any display and any webcam?

We have successfully tested PlexiCam with nearly every display monitor we can find. Our team is at large retailers weekly to test PlexiCam hands-on with new display monitors as they are released.

We are also constantly assessing the design and will continue to modify PlexiCam to ensure that our products provide the best fit.

The webcam shelf and screw mount work with any webcam that can rest on a 2" x 3" (PlexiCam Mini and Pro) or 2" x 5" (PlexiCam Pro+) flat surface. The included stainless-steel screw(s) are threaded to work with any standard UNC 20 .250" female threaded camera base. PlexiCam's tough .220 acrylic body will hold up to 2 pounds, which is much greater than the weight of a standard webcam.

Doesn't the acrylic distort the image on my screen behind PlexiCam?

No. The acrylic we use is ultra-clear and designed to minimize any optical distortion. Our new PlexiCam design includes a patent-pending, precisely angled upper bend that brings the body of PlexiCam as close to the screen as possible, avoiding the optical refraction that would occur if the acrylic was further from the screen.

Doesn't the webcam block part of my screen?

Yes. We can't do much to make the webcam see-through, yet—we're working on it!

However, a typical webcam, such as a Logitech 920, obscures less than 2% of a 27" diagonal screen, and 5% of a 15" diagonal screen.

Because PlexiCam allows you to position the webcam anywhere on your screen, you can pick a spot that makes the most sense for whatever you're doing at the time.

But if I'm looking at the person on the screen then I'm still not looking directly at the camera, right?

Correct. Since the webcam itself isn't see-through it will always be a little offset from the person you are looking at on your screen (or the text if you're using PlexiCam as a prompter). However, this is where our engineers did something that no other display manufacturer seems to have figured out.

Because of the way humans interpret eye contact, when you gaze significantly below someone's eyes (let's say at their chin) it feels off or just not right to the person you're looking at.

However, since every built-in and aftermarket webcam is mounted above the screen it forces you to look down to see the person on the screen.

PlexiCam's patented positioning system allows you to place your webcam close to the other person's eyes, and it turns out that this looks and feels totally natural.

Can I use PlexiCam as a Text Prompter/Teleprompter?

This is an emphatic YES! Just place your PlexiCam directly below the first line of the document you’re reading and scroll through the text.

Our founder, a professional speaker, uses PlexiCam all the time as a prompter for speeches.

For live conferences and interviews, he will also put notes up on his screen surrounding his PlexiCam so he can draw on dozens of relevant facts without looking away from the camera! How cool is that?!

PlexiCam is only a fraction of the cost of a professional teleprompter and it's extremely portable.

So you can buy several of them (like our Road Warrior line) and you can always take your PlexiCam with you.

Some of pictures of PlexiCam show a rounded top but others have an angled top. Which do I get?

We've been constantly refining and modifying PlexiCam so that it fits as many monitors as possible. The curved top is an older design that we no longer carry.

The angled top was a second generation design that fit more commercially available display monitors.

The third generation PlexiCam has an even more versatile and rugged design that makes the fit nearly universal, and also increases it's durability.

Can I add a ring or LED light to my PlexiCam?

Yes, absolutely! You have two options:

1 - Purchase our LED Light Kit for any PlexiCam model or purchase one of our two Road Warrior (TM) models, which come with an LED Light Kit.

2 - If you purchase the PlexiCam Pro+ you will get two shelves.

You can position one for your webcam and the second shelf can be flipped upside-down and used at the top of the PlexiCam to support a ring or LED light.

Your light will need a standard camera mount for a UNC 20 .25" mounting screw which comes with your PlexiCam.

What if I need a special or a custom built PlexiCam?

We often do special or custom builds for our customers.

We can also brand your PlexiCam with your logo.

Please contact sales at plexicam dot com or use our chat functionality to discuss your needs, timeline, and budget.

Can you brand PlexiCams with my company or group's logo?

We can absolutely brand your PlexiCam with your logo.

Depending on quantities, we can typically turn these around within 7-14 business days.

Why would I use PlexiCam rather than simulated AI-based eye contact?

Some software companies have introduced simulated eye contact using AI technology. While it’s super interesting, it also has some significant differences from and drawbacks to using a PlexiCam.

The most important of these is that using AI you lose agency over your own ability to control eye contact. Eye movement is so critical to how we communicate. We’re not always deathly staring someone in the eyes nonstop: we lift our gaze upwards, move it to the side, look down to indicate that we’re being contemplative.

All of these are abdicated if you use AI. So it’s a great idea but not a replacement for authentic eye contact. 

Check out the video "Human vs AI" on our testimonials page to see behavioral expert Mark Bowden compare the PlexiCam and AI.

What are your hours for shipping?

For our standard shipping within the US, we use USPS.

Cutoff for shipping through USPS is Noon Eastern, Monday thru Friday (aside from holidays and emergencies).

For UPS shipping (both domestic within the US and international), the cutoff is also Noon Eastern, Monday thru Friday (aside from holidays and emergencies).