The Power of Smartphone Videos: Transforming Post-Purchase Support

The Power of Smartphone Videos: Transforming Post-Purchase Support

Welcome back to insights4pros, the podcast where we dive deep into the impact of video on your professional career and in business as a whole.

In today's episode, our host, Dan Keldsen, sits down with Fran Brzyski, CEO and co-founder of Hark, a Customer eXperience platform.

Together, they explore the role of video in post-purchase support and how it can revolutionize the way businesses and customers interact.

Fran shares insights on the importance of customer context, the challenges of obtaining reviews on Amazon, and how Hark's innovative approach is transforming the customer support landscape.

From improving resolution time to decreasing costs per ticket, Fran sheds light on the power of video in enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Chapters: 0:00 Intro

10:49 Improved Customer Experience "I feel as though as a society, we're at a point where what you just mentioned, we have such a powerful device in our pockets. And when I think of live chat and forms, I think of the computers from 50 years ago where you're sitting at a desktop and you're typing in the moment. But we're on the go now. We can just pull this out, and we can give so much context upfront. And as a society, we do that all the time. So why not bring this to CX? The crux here is that we have to do it in a way that empowers the agents. Right? We can't have agents sitting there watching thousands of videos all day and trying to figure all this out. So there is transcription, there's sentiment analysis. There's a lot of AI just in that to set the agents up with a fully contextualized ticket. We call it the perfect ticket. So that they can provide solutions the first time." — Fran Brzyski

11:30 Empowering agents for better customer engagement "We did not anticipate agents to love Hark as much as they do, and that that's one of the most humbling things when the CX leader sends us screenshots of what they're saying over Slack, or or we'll send out, like, a if we're doing, like, a POC, like, a Google doc of what the agents are saying. It's gotten to the point where once CXU was, like, I had to start routing them more efficiently because people were fighting over the hard tickets first and leaving the other ones. Like, they wanted to work on these. They felt more engaged with the customer, so I was like, oh, I don't I don't wanna cause a problem, but that's, I mean, that's an amazing thing to have. So, absolutely. We want to empower the agents to be the best versions of themselves." — Fran Brzyski

12:19 Innovations in Customer Experience "It's actually pretty fascinating how much the industry is innovating and moving at such a high clip at this moment." — Fran Brzyski

16:38 The Power of Unified Support Channels "I don't think chat and SMS goes away. If you can triage through one channel on the front end, you can take in data uniformly. You can do so much more with it." — Fran Brzyski 18:39 Revolutionizing Customer Support "And how many times have you been to a website where it's a beautiful site, and you click 'contact us,' and it's black and white, you know, out of the nineties." — Fran Brzyski

20:14 The Benefits of Asynchronous Communication "That's why I believe they love the asynchronous nature. I can anywhere in my day, I can start. The other part about Hark is we send you a tracking link. So as your ticket is moving through the systems like Domino's Pizza Tracker, you're being updated. So there's that level of trust." — Fran Brzyski

25:18 Customer Support and the Reversion Towards Simplicity "I believe there'll be a reversion towards simplicity. I think customers are willing to provide a lot more upfront as long as it's easy, and it's simple, and it makes sense if it's logical." — Fran Brzyski


Q: Do I need any special equipment to capture videos for post-purchase support with Hark?

A: No, you can simply use your smartphone to capture videos and provide context for your post-purchase support needs.

Q: How can I ensure that my video for post-purchase support is effective?

A: To make your video effective, focus on clearly demonstrating the issue you're experiencing and providing any relevant details needed for a resolution.

Q: Can I use video support for any type of post-purchase issue?

A: Yes, video support can be used for a wide variety of post-purchase issues, from troubleshooting to assembly instructions and more.

Q: Will using video support for post-purchase issues save me time?

A: Yes, utilizing video support can save you time by eliminating the need for lengthy explanations and providing visual context for faster resolutions.

Q: Is video support available for all customer service channels?

A: Video support may not be available for all customer service channels, but it can be particularly useful for platforms that offer live chat or mobile forms.

Q: Can video support help me get more reviews on platforms like Amazon?

A: While video support itself may not directly lead to more reviews, it can enhance the overall customer experience, which may positively affect the likelihood of customers leaving reviews.

Q: Is there a limit to how long my video for post-purchase support can be?

A: There may be limitations depending on the platform or service you're using, but in general, it's best to keep your video concise and focused on the relevant issue.

Q: Can I use video support for pre-purchase inquiries as well?

A: While video support is primarily designed for post-purchase support, some platforms or businesses may offer video assistance for pre-purchase inquiries as well.

Q: Is video support more effective than traditional customer service methods?

A: Video support can offer enhanced effectiveness by providing visual context and reducing miscommunication, but its effectiveness ultimately depends on the specific situation and customer preferences.

Q: Can video support replace the need for live customer service representatives?

A: While video support can be a valuable tool, it may not completely replace the need for live customer service representatives, particularly in situations that require real-time interaction and guidance.

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