Standing Out with Tisha Parker Kemp - insights4pros - Episode 1

Welcome to insights4pros - a series of interviews by Dan Keldsen, Co-founder of - with professionals sharing the tips (and trials and tribulations) that have made them the pros they are today.

In this episode:
How can you elevate your awesomeness?
Standing out, or hunkering down?

What does it mean to stand out?
And what if it feels too dangerous to stand out?

You’ve heard about value propositions (and many of them are incredibly superficial)…
What’s an ELEVATED value proposition (EVP)?

Standing out in a corporate setting.
Standing out in your personal/professional brand.

Should you create controversy?
Or blend into the background noise?

It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know. Or is it?
Maybe it’s who knows YOU - but why?

And much more in this 15 minute interview. Enjoy!

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