See Eye-to-Eye

Anyone who uses online video can benefit from PlexiCam®

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PlexiCam® is being used by people across all industries to help them make better connections with customers, coworkers, audiences, patients, and each other. 


“I’m a week into this PlexiCam awesomeness and I have to say I am a big fan. I love that I’m looking eye to eye with my customers, on Zoom calls, whenever I’m live streaming, versus looking like I’m looking down but the camera is up here. Or I’m looking at the camera, but I can't see their face. It's this whole awesome new thing that I’m in love with!


I think that this tool is incredibly amazing and makes live streaming and Zoom calling so much better because purely because of the eye contact. I highly recommend this product!” - Desiree Martinez


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Resource Professionals

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