See Eye-to-Eye

A Simple, Elegant, and Portable Solution for Anyone Using Web Video

Position your Webcam, Mirrorless, or DSLR Anywhere on Your Screen

for Professional Looking Video

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Have you ever wondered why everyone always seems to be looking down during video calls? 

People are naturally inclined to look at the person they're talking to on the screen, and not the camera mounted above the screen. Even if you do remember to look at the camera, the video call will be pointless since you can't see your screen!

To solve this problem, we created PlexiCam®. PlexiCam® lets you position your webcam anywhere on your screen so you can look at the camera and the person you're talking to at the same time.


With PlexiCam®, there's no need for expensive, bulky, and confusing teleprompters.  PlexiCam's® sleek, portable design lets you take it with you anywhere, so you always look like a pro.

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Webinars &


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Video Calls &


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Using PlexiCam® you can position your webcam, mirrorless, or DSLR near your line of sight so that when you are looking at the person you are talking to you're also looking at your webcam.

 PlexiCam's® crystal-clear acrylic lets you see right through it to what's on your screen.


PlexiCam® attaches instantly to any monitor and allows your webcam, mirrorless, or DSLR to sit securely on a clear acrylic shelf.


A ring light can be mounted to the PlexiCam® Pro's second shelf.


PlexiCam® is hand-made in the USA from two types of industrial acrylic that will not cloud or warp over time.

PlexiCam® is designed so that it can even stand on its own with the optional second shelf.

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Use with a Mirrorless, DSLR, or Smartphone*

*Requires Optional Smartphone Holder Sold Separately

Add a Ring Light

“ ...because my cameras are on PlexiCam I’m able to look down the lens and see stuff on the screen. It’s a brilliant idea, just a brilliant idea.”

- Mark Bowden - Virtual Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author,

"I need to look in customers' eyes and occasionally need a TelePrompter when using Zoom. PlexiCam meets BOTH those needs. PLUS they give top-notch customer service."

- Vicki Hitzges, Keynote Speaker

“I love using my Plexicam! It gives me the ability to connect with people more. That's what it is all about. PlexiCam makes that all-important 'eye contact' ”

- Terry Brock, Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame

"PlexiCam lets you see right through it to what's on your screen. And the adjustable height tray allows the camera to be placed at eye level. I thoroughly recommend it. Their customer service is great too."

- Sonia Araujo, Director, Product Management (Real World Solutions), IQVIA



Simply slide the parts together and rest PlexiCam® over the top of your computer monitor, laptop, or tablet.


In less than five minutes you can have PlexiCam® out of the box and ready to go. Then it takes only a few seconds to move it to another monitor or to pack it up. 


PlexiCa® has been designed to fit any monitor or screen. There are three different models you can choose from; PlexiCam® Mini for laptop screens 15 inches or smaller, PlexiCam® Pro for monitors 15-21 inches, and PlexiCam® Pro+ for 21-27 inch monitors, and PlexiCam® Pro+ with optional extension for 27+ inch screens.


PlexiCam's® patent-pending sleek and elegant design looks great and makes you look great!


PlexiCam® is great for almost every webcam. If you are using a high-end webcam with a screw mount, PlexiCam® also comes with a standard .25" UNC 20 Camera Mounting Screw.
*Optional Smartphone holder required and available at checkout.


We make every PlexiCam® in our own USA factory using the highest grade acrylics to ensure that our products are crystal clear, durable, and dependable. 



Universal Hanger Fits Securely on any Monitor

Crystal Clear Durable Acrylic

Webcam Shelves Easily Adjust for Optimal View of the Screen

Securely Attach Webcams or a Smartphone  with Mounting Adapters 

Specially Designed Friction Fit to Reposition Webcam Easily and Securely

Optional Large Bottom Shelf acts as Stand-Alone base with No Monitor


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PlexiCam® Mini


Ideal for laptops with screens that are 15" or less

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Ideal for monitors from 15-21".

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PlexiCam® Pro+


The Pro with an extra, longer shelf for a  ring light, or use the. optional extender for monitors 21-36".

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PlexiCam® MAX


Adjustable to fit any size screen. Holds larger Mirrorless or DSLR cameras.

*Plus Shipping and Handling, Additional Cost for Pro+ Extender Option.

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