Rocking the Virtual Podium with Tisha Parker Kemp - insights4pros - Episode 2

Welcome to insights4pros - a series of interviews by Dan Keldsen, Co-founder of - with professionals sharing the tips (and trials and tribulations) that have made them the pros they are today.

Today's guest is Tisha Parker Kemp, founder and principal of

In this episode:

You don't jump from abject fear of the podium to Rocking the Virtual Podium, so what does that journey look like?

Are you one of the 75% of people on planet Earth that suffers from Glossophobia?

How much of Rocking the Virtual Podium is mental vs. physical?

What are mental exercises to build up your comfort level?

What are some physical exercises to get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing?

And much more in this 15 minute interview. Enjoy!

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