Customer Centric Selling thru Video with Frank Visgatis - insights4pros - Episode 4

Welcome to insights4pros - a series of interviews by Dan Keldsen, Co-founder of - with professionals sharing the tips (and trials and tribulations) that have made them the pros they are today.

Today on the show we have Frank Visgatis from Customer Centric Selling and if you’re interested in better selling, and better training, no matter whether it’s in-person, on-demand, or hybrid experience, you’re going to want to hang around!

In this episode:

  • Hear about the transformation of Frank's company (Customer Centric Selling) timely switch from in-person training, to on-demand, to live online, and combinations of all three!
  • Learn what it takes to get in the mind of your customer (or a potential customer), and translate that to help connect the dots in a Customer Centric way.
  • The benefits of slicing and dicing your videos to make sure you have a regular drip of content for marketing purposes.

And more, in this 30 minute interview between Dan Keldsen and Frank Visgatis!

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