This secret presenting tool was hiding in plain sight for decades, until 2020 happened...

This secret presenting tool was hiding in plain sight for decades, until 2020 happened...

He Stumped Penn and Teller in the most viewed "Penn and Teller: Fool Us" episodes EVER (11 million+ views)

And we were stunned to hear...

He was one of PlexiCam's earliest fans.

Hi Virtual Friends... 👋👋👋

What if you could MAGICALLY shrink a tripod, teleprompter, and camera down…

So you could get ALL OF THE BENEFIT of the traditional video gear of the last 100 years…

WITHOUT all of the expense, bulk, and complexity?

When we started designing PlexiCam over a year ago we didn’t have a magic wand or any magical skills, and honestly, it started out as just a "what if?" brainstorm.

And then ...

The vision became a reality.

Within just a few weeks of launching PlexiCam, we've sold thousands to clients who, one way or another, are performers and public speakers.

So, we thought "who would know better if we've created a "magical" product than a real-life magician?

We reached out to world-renowned TV Magician, Kostya Kimlat (a truly unbelievably gifted magician, presenter, and awesome human being) - who was also one of our first hundred clients, to see what he thought of PlexiCam.

We may not be magicians (no seriously, we aren’t!), but we felt a bolt of lightning when Kostya told us, "I'm loving PlexiCam! Anyone using their laptop for virtual meetings needs to have one!"

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Kostya as a client, with PlexiCam playing a small (and magically unobtrusive) role in his virtual performances in 2021 and beyond.

(And learn more about Kostya's Virtual Magic Shows!)

But PlexiCam isn't just for magicians.

If you want a bit of this presentation magic, give PlexiCam a shot to “magically” enhance your own virtual presentation skills!

Best from Boston!

Dan “Prest-o Change-o” Keldsen


[ The only question is WHICH SIZE IS BEST FOR YOU? BUY NOW ]

PS - Obviously, you will not become a world-renowned Magician, or even a not-world-renowned magician by using PlexiCam products. At least not directly.

But it just might help with your on-screen performances - no matter whether it’s truly magic, or just plain hard work!

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